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Help Make A Difference

Help Make A Difference

We need your help to keep Mellor House ideals alive.

We are a small charity with one year’s reserves run by a management committee of volunteers. Our financial resources are stretched to meet rising costs for maintaining and running the building and meeting new essential requirements for fire and safety regulations. We have managed to keep the interior décor refreshed through groups of volunteers using the house as a team building project. We are at a stage now where we have to tackle the larger projects which incur higher costs.

The House is totally self funded, relying on donations and support from companies, groups and individuals who are acknowledged throughout this site. It costs thousands of pounds each year to keep the house and grounds in repair, serviced and equipped to provide the short self catering breaks that are so needed.

As Mellor Country House enters its second century, there are many improvements we also wish to make to the facilities we offer, so if you are able to help this Charity we would be most grateful. Volunteers are what have made Mellor Country House work for nearly 100 years, giving that most valuable of commodities, time, it means so much to the families and groups who visit Mellor.

Providing Help: Individuals


Whether you have a few hours to spare each week, or a regular day, there are various volunteering opportunities in the house or in the grounds.

Why do people volunteer ?

For some people volunteering may be something that they have always wanted to do but never knew who to contact or they didn’t have the time. Others find it’s the chance to apply existing skills, learn new skills, make new friends or to gain personal experience for the future. Some want a change of career and try volunteering in that environment first.

For people who have retired, volunteering gives them the opportunity to give something back to the local community. People who can’t work full time, through no fault of their own, find volunteering a great way of keeping in touch with the working world.

Volunteering Activities at Mellor House

Fund Raising

You can support us in a variety of ways

  • Make a one-off or regular donation
  • Use Gift Aid to make your donation go further
  • Leaving a legacy or making an “In memoriam “gift.
  • Buy tickets for our own events such as Christmas Delights and our Valentines Ball.
  • Taking part in an event


Taking part in an event to raise funds is both rewarding personally and good fun at the same time.
You might want to do a parachute jump, bike ride, or abseil down a viaduct.

Alternatively you may want to organise your own event, such as a car wash, custard pie fight, and head shaving or raise funds for us by taking part in a sponsored event, like a sponsored run.

Please let us know how we can help you to make the most from your participation.

The company you work for may match the funds you raise for us, you HR department should be able to advise you who to speak to.

You can create your own fundraising page on Justgiving and email your friends and family the link to your page.

Friends of Mellor Country House

We are establishing a group of local people to help in the day to day maintenance of the house, grounds and equipment. Make new friends and reward yourselves by enjoying the “Feel Good” factor. For good physical exercise more productive than the gym and at no expense, even if you can only manage a small amount of time, every little helps, please join us, you will be happy you did.

For whatever reason, volunteering gives many benefits to the individuals or groups involved, and to the charity.

Providing Help: Companies

Why work with Mellor Country House ?

Mellor Country House gives your company a unique opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of families and groups who usually live in stressful environments. Mellor Country House is a very worthwhile cause, which has developed in the local area and is supported by the local community.

We have a variety of long and short term projects your staff would be able to contribute to. A session spent laying a patio or redecorating a room can be a great team building experience. Motivate and involve your employees to have fun and also support a cause close to many local people’s hearts.

How can your company help?

We have received support from several companies over the past few years. Some have donated goods, sent one-off donations or become involved in a team building exercise. Others have wanted to become more involved after visiting us, wanting a longer-term relationship and have adopted us as their Charity of the Year.

Charity of the Year

Your company may ask for nominations for a charity, or may have committee who decide to help a different charity each year. We would be delighted if you would put our name forward or let us know who to get in touch with. Take us on as your Charity of the Year, setting your own agenda and have fun organising your own events such as car washes, Bazaars, dress down days, custard pie throwing, and many more. Although such events may raise only a small amount of funds, it all adds up and a lot of your staff can benefit from being involved in the fun.

Team Building

Some of our corporate supporters choose to do something that has a benefit to the community on the days they set aside for team building events. Getting involved in a decorating or gardening project is a very cost effective team building exercise. Team building, leadership and management staff training have traditionally taken place in specialist centres, by providing this training at Mellor you will have an end result that benefits staff and helps a local charity and/or the community. It is also extremely rewarding for the individuals concerned. The projects are achievable tasks which can unite team members and have a positive effect on the moral, motivation and confidence of the teams. Your people will not only have a great time they will get a great feeling of satisfaction as will Mellor House.

Projects include:
• Decorating bedrooms, entrance hallway, stairs and landing.
• Kitchen refurbishment.
• Gardening activities such as bulb planting renovation work and painting woodwork.
• Small building projects for example a new bike shelter, low stone garden wall

Many of the corporate schemes last one or a few days and make a real difference to the environment our visitors enjoy.


A series of events are held throughout the year. There are sponsorship opportunities for the whole event or individual elements and have your company name and logo attached to it. Or help a group or family to stay without having to find the funds.

Corporate Volunteering

Your company may have a volunteer programme, giving time off to volunteer for a local charity. The benefit of becoming involved is twofold, supporting a local worthwhile cause and the contribution back into the local community. You may need to contact your HR department to see how this works.  We’ll work closely with you to meet whatever your business objectives are to create a mutually beneficial experience.

Providing Help: Trusts & Foundations

Grant-making trusts and foundations are a major source of income and over the past two years we have completed two major developments on site thanks to the generosity of many individuals companies and trusts, for example the conversion of an outside building to a new office, and the front lawn has been re turfed and levelled with new drainage fitted to stop the grounds from becoming waterlogged. There is considerable scope to make the house and grounds a better environment for our visitors and we are looking at an environmentally friendly and sustainable approach.

Can you help with any of the following?

The following large projects are still outstanding and need funding to complete.
• Security gates for entrance
• Security lighting for driveway
• New boiler and heating system
• Disabled access and conversion of downstairs room
• Refurbishment of living quarters of house keeper
• Repairing the roof
• Enhancing the woodland area with reclaimed wood climbing frame and outdoor play toys
• Providing woodland path and seating area by the stream

If you are a representative of a trust or foundation and would like to know more about any aspect of our work or needs, please contact Sharon Adamson on 0161 427 1893